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Rekindling the Flame In Your Relationships

Couples Happiness Retreats

Feel Loved Is a Primary Human Emotional Need!
You Will Revive Your Love on Our Retreat!

Retreats in Costa Rica
Retreats for Men and Women in Costa rica

Stress Reduction
Emotional Balance

Manifest the Fullest Potential of Your Destiny !
Attract the Love and Unconditional Happiness that is Waiting for You!

Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica

Meditation and Emotional Healing Female Retreat


Stress Management Meditation Retreat for Men


Stress Management Meditations Retreat Female


Ayahuasca Brew Preparation and Ceremonies Retreat


Participating in Our Seminars and Retreats Will Help You To:

Release the mental and emotional patterns that hold you back;
Learn Current Day Blockages, Clutter, and Past Life Karma;
Understand the key ingredients to healing from the inside-out;
Learn new ways to explore who you are in the world and deepen your spiritual journey;
Connect with higher states of awareness;
Learn to ignite your passion and create a clear vision for your future;
Manifest the Fullest Potential of Your Destiny; 
Attract the Love and Unconditional Happiness that is Waiting for You.

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Your Life Will Be Transformed Forever! 

You Will Know How To Find Your Happiness, Love and Your Life Purpose! Our Spiritual Wellness Retreats In Costa Rica Is A Life Changing Experience, After Which You Will Be Able To Manifest Your Fullest Potentials.

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